Building Approvals

19 March 2015

Planning and Building

Building approvals and inspections are an important aspect that needs to be understood. A building approval is necessary before you begin work, whether you are building, renovating or undertaking any domestic building work. Chilli Freaks strongly recommend that you avoid anyone who tries to tell you approval is merely a formality.

Chilli Freaks will provide you with all documentation required to get your property through the process of council approval as quick as possible.

State and federal legal requirements are in place, so a building certifier needs to assess whether the work you want to do complies. If it does, a permit will be issued. A building certifier has to be accredited with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

The certifier you engage is required to carry out inspections during the building process. These usually occur at footings stage, slab stage, frame stage and at the completion of the project. Once you get building approval, you will find out how many inspections will be required. This is an important process as these inspections will make sure that your building work is up to industry standards.

Remember, it is your responsibility, as well as your builder’s, to make sure the work matches the approved plans and contract. If you don’t feel you have the time or inclination to monitor your builder’s work, Cameron can be engaged to check on progress and make sure that the work matches the approved plans.

More information can be found at the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s website at and the Sunshine Coast Council website and click on ‘Planning and Building’.

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