Case Study Michael & Natalie

12 June 2015

Chilli Freaks were recently approached by a Brisbane couple, Michael and Natalie, who together with their 2 young children have decided to build a new home in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

After declaring they would never have the internal fortitude to build a home, Michael and Natalie found themselves falling in love with a small block of land in a new subdivision of only 5 blocks. There was an existing house on the land which was in the process of being demolished. A hold up by Council on the registration of the subdivision resulted in Natalie being turned away from larger building companies because the land wasn’t registered. Also, nothing that they offered flexible enough to cater for exactly what they needed.

Then the dilemma began. “Can we do this?” “Will we have the budget to fulfil our wants and wish list?” Natalie sketched up what she liked in a home and together they make a list of wants and needs.

Michael’s cousin referred Cameron from Chilli Freaks and after meeting and discussing various options a design brief was born.

There were a few constraints to consider. Firstly the block was somewhat small (550m2) and narrow (14m frontage) with a steep rear which backed onto a busy road. Secondly, the subdivision was not complete and the developer wasn’t very forthcoming with documentation.

After speaking with Cameron on the phone and meeting him on the block and at our Sunshine Coast office, ideas came together and Cameron was able to produce three concept plans which incorporated all of Michael and Natalie’s wants and needs. Cameron was able to estimate the build cost of the three versions and the couple were very happy to choose the design that they loved and fitted their budget.

Another aspect was how to choose a builder. After securing quotes from Brisbane builders (and not being very happy with any of them) we were able to introduce them to one of our preferred builders who is currently pricing the home and it looks like it is all systems GO!

A great outcome and we are very pleased to offer a comprehensive service to ensure our clients are helped throughout all stages of the building journey.

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