• Case Study Michael & Natalie

    12 June 2015

    Chilli Freaks were recently approached by a Brisbane couple, Michael and Natalie, who together with their 2 young children have decided to build a new home in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

    After declaring they would never have the internal fortitude to build a home, Michael and Natalie found themselves falling in love with a small block of land in a new subdivision of only 5 blocks. There was an existing house on the land which was in the process of being demolished. A hold up by Council on the registration of the subdivision resulted in Natalie being turned away from larger building companies because the land wasn’t registered. Also, nothing that they offered flexible enough to cater for exactly what they needed.

    Then the dilemma began. “Can we do this?” “Will we have the budget to fulfil our wants and wish list?” Natalie sketched up what she liked in a home and together they make a list of wants and needs.

    Michael’s cousin referred Cameron from Chilli Freaks and after meeting and discussing various options a design brief was born.

    There were a few constraints to consider. Firstly the block was somewhat small (550m2) and narrow (14m frontage) with a steep rear which backed onto a busy road. Secondly, the subdivision was not complete and the developer wasn’t very forthcoming with documentation.

    After speaking with Cameron on the phone and meeting him on the block and at our Sunshine Coast office, ideas came together and Cameron was able to produce three concept plans which incorporated all of Michael and Natalie’s wants and needs. Cameron was able to estimate the build cost of the three versions and the couple were very happy to choose the design that they loved and fitted their budget.

    Another aspect was how to choose a builder. After securing quotes from Brisbane builders (and not being very happy with any of them) we were able to introduce them to one of our preferred builders who is currently pricing the home and it looks like it is all systems GO!

    A great outcome and we are very pleased to offer a comprehensive service to ensure our clients are helped throughout all stages of the building journey.

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  • Renovations

    6 May 2015

    If your family is growing and your current home is starting to feel a little cramped or is not maximising your comfort and meeting your needs, maybe it is time to think about renovating. When you consider the cost and stress of moving, renovating is a great alternative.

    Whether a large renovation is in order, or an upgrade to smarten things up in the way your home flows from room to room, Cameron can point you in the right direction and suggest upgrades that you may not have even considered.

    Renovating your existing home is a great alternative to moving. If you love your current location, you know the neighbourhood and are comfortable where you are, perhaps adding a family room or moving around some rooms to maximise ‘liveability’ will give your existing home a new lease of life for your family needs.

    An exterior upgrade can significantly improve the street appeal of your home. Over the last 20 years many design ‘fashions’ have come and gone. Sometimes a few minor changes can erase those years and add a modern freshness to the otherwise solid home. Extending your outdoor area can enhance your enjoyment of summer entertainment with friends and family. Our beautiful Queensland climate can be enjoyed for many months given a well designed deck or pavilion. The family can enjoy the pool with shade areas to relax and socialise.

    Another aspect of renovating is adding to the value of your property. Real estate agents will all agree that a well designed renovation will improve the saleability of your home.

    If your home was built a few years ago, some important points to consider will be whether there is any asbestos in the structure, the electrical and plumbing layout will need to be looked at, as well as boundary limits.

    Cameron will be happy to come and look at your current property and see the possibilities that will enhance your lifestyle, as well as guide you to Council building regulations and current government guidelines that you will need to adhere to.

    Remember, a well designed renovation will be your first step in the one of the biggest investments in your life – your family home.

    More information can be found at:
    Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s website at qbcc.qld.gov.au
    Sunshine Coast Council website sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

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  • Building Approvals

    19 March 2015

    Planning and Building

    Building approvals and inspections are an important aspect that needs to be understood. A building approval is necessary before you begin work, whether you are building, renovating or undertaking any domestic building work. Chilli Freaks strongly recommend that you avoid anyone who tries to tell you approval is merely a formality.

    Chilli Freaks will provide you with all documentation required to get your property through the process of council approval as quick as possible.

    State and federal legal requirements are in place, so a building certifier needs to assess whether the work you want to do complies. If it does, a permit will be issued. A building certifier has to be accredited with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

    The certifier you engage is required to carry out inspections during the building process. These usually occur at footings stage, slab stage, frame stage and at the completion of the project. Once you get building approval, you will find out how many inspections will be required. This is an important process as these inspections will make sure that your building work is up to industry standards.

    Remember, it is your responsibility, as well as your builder’s, to make sure the work matches the approved plans and contract. If you don’t feel you have the time or inclination to monitor your builder’s work, Cameron can be engaged to check on progress and make sure that the work matches the approved plans.

    More information can be found at the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s website at qbcc.qld.gov.au and the Sunshine Coast Council website sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au and click on ‘Planning and Building’.

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  • Sunshine Coast Council new Planning Scheme

    The new Planning Scheme has now been released by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

    The planning scheme sets out how the council has planed future growth and provides the set of rules for development throughout the Sunshine Coast Regional Council shire.

    Mayor Mark Jamieson suggests that the new scheme will make the future direction for Sunshine Coast residents and businesses much clearer. “For most people buying a property is the biggest investment they will make. This process will be smoother as the new plan is easier to use and simpler to navigate.” he says.

    What can you expect to find in the new Planning Scheme

    • Zoning: what you can or can’t do with your parcel of land
    • Overlays: showing height restrictions, steep land, flooding inundation etc
    • Local Area Plans: more in depth detail for specific areas
    • Type of Approval:What type of development approval for different types of projects
    • Self-Assessable: Is a project self-assessable or does it require planning approval

    To view the Planning Scheme go to www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/planningscheme

    If you require more in depth assistance with your project please contact and arrange your free initial consultation – let us help you realise the potential for your project.

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