Approval and Construction Documentation

Chilli Freaks will provide you with all documentation required to get your proposed plans through the process of council approval as efficiently as possible. Cameron knows what is required to prevent your plans from being held up in bureaucratic red tape.

A key thing to remember is that you cannot begin to build or renovate your property without the appropriate approvals. Local councils and the State Government can and will impose financial sanctions on you. No reputable tradesman will short cut the approval process for you. Chilli Freaks strongly recommend that you avoid anyone who tries to tell you approval is merely a formality.

All Councils require payment of fees and permits to be obtained before building work can begin. Chilli Freaks will help guide you through the process so you have all documentation in place before approaching council.  Most councils will issue and conduct all plumbing inspections and a final inspection before you can move in.  We will also assist you through this process to ensure all of our well thought out plans have been executed and obtaining council approval is a streamlined process.

As you can see from our “what our client’s say” page, Chilli Freaks have a proven track record of delivering quality documents that reduce waiting time when dealing with your local council and the Queensland State Government.