A duplex is a dual occupancy (two dwellings) on a single parcel of land and a great way to dip your toe into the property investment market. Chilli Freaks are able to design a duplex for your vacant block of land or develop renovation plans to turn one house into two.

Chilli Freaks will meet with you to plan out how you want to use your property before embarking on a building design. We use modern themes to utilise all areas of your land to create two homes in the space of one without limiting functionality. Whether you plan to be an owner occupier, landlord or simply flip the properties, Cameron can create a plan that satisfies all of your requirements.

Our track record shows that we have an eye for detail when converting ideas to a smaller scale home. Chilli Freaks have the necessary skills to develop a building design for comfort and practicality in limited space. As a building designer, Cameron has a knack for finding space savings answers to squeeze every last drop of potential out of a building.

Depending on your block, Chilli Freaks will help you create a plan that places both dwellings either side by side, which is great for wide blocks, or one behind the other to use all available space on a long and narrow block of land.

Chilli Freaks will not only design and plan your duplex property, they will assist you in the lodgement of plans with your local council for approval and work with your builder to ensure your design stays on target.