Interactive 3D Animations

Chilli Freaks love taking advantage of the latest technology available to give you the best results. By using 3D animations, we are able to walk you through what your property can look like after a building design has been created.

We use Enscape software to convert our 2D drawings into 3D animations.  By using this we can work through your options from a visual perspective. 

We can email you a link to an interactive 3D file which you can access as often as you like. By giving you a 3D file, you can view the building from any angle, zoom in and out and view inside the proposed structure. You will be able to see the angle of the roof line, or feel what it’s like to stand in your new entry area.

We can provide high quality, photorealistic images of your proposed building. The power of interactive 3D animations is that you are able to confirm your dreams are coming to life. This exciting tool is also a great way for you to check that your home fits into its surroundings and plan your landscaping.