New Home Design Sunshine Coast

Chilli Freaks have worked with a range of owner builders and building professionals to develop new homes throughout the Sunshine Coast. When we are creating your building design, we like to sit down with you and understand exactly what you want in your new home.

When meeting with you as the home owner, we discuss what features you want in the home, what style of floor plan you like, and most importantly we want to get a feel for you and your lifestyle. Chilli Freaks encourage you to bring pictures and sketches of buildings and homes you like and features you want us to incorporate into your design. When you are open with us, we can design a property that suits you.

Once we understand you and your wants, Chilli Freaks are able to create a building design to fit any block of land. From narrow to wide and sloping to flat, we have the skills to work within a budget using our ingenuity to create your dream.

Following our initial meeting, Chilli Freaks will join you on your block of land to assess the area we are working with before creating a design brief. During this visit, this is your chance to brainstorm with us and tell us what we can include and where you want it so we can work out what is in your budget. At your site visit, Cameron will undertake an analysis of the area to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the land to sketch out a proposal that allows your home to work with its surroundings while meeting your needs.

Chilli Freaks endeavour to include you in each phase when designing your new property. In doing this, our goal is to have open communication with you so you are 100% happy with each aspect of your new home. If one of your desires isn’t able to be included in your home for whatever reason, we will work with you to find a compromise and solution.

Chilli Freaks have a large portfolio of building designs for both single and double storey properties, which you can view in our gallery.