Site Inspections

An important part of your construction process is ensuring the plans are followed by the builder. An additional service that Chilli Freaks offer our clients are site meetings to assess that the plans we have created for you are being followed. Cameron has more than 30 years’ experience in the building industry as both a builder and designer and is able to spot any mistakes early on in construction, and make sure they are fixed.

The biggest benefit of Chilli Freaks carrying out site inspections throughout the Sunshine Coast on your behalf or with you is we will be able to find solutions to any issues being presented by the builder.

It is important to remember when you are engaging a professional builder, they cannot unduly prevent you and/or your representative from inspecting your land and the progress of construction. They can, however, request that you conduct site inspections during reasonable working hours. It is the responsibility of you and your agent to not interfere with the work site and that you are aware of workplace health and safety requirements and do not endanger yourself or the site workers. Chilli Freaks always put safety first when visiting a worksite and will advise you on what you need to remain safe while carrying out a site inspection.

A question to ask your builder before you start is; will they meet with you or your agent onsite at each stage of the build before invoicing you. This will allow you to not only monitor the progress of your property, but it gives you the chance to ensure that everything you want is being delivered on time and on budget. By engaging Chilli Freaks to join you for site inspections, you have a professional on your side to make sure the right questions are asked and answered.