The specifications for your building project are the agreed upon and written instructions about materials, methods and time frame. Chilli Freaks are able to work with you to develop your specifications while designing your property before you take your plans to a builder.

When looking at your specifications, you need to be sure of your budget. Chilli Freaks suggests you have a minimum amount you expect and the maximum amount you can afford. When we are working with you to create your building plans, we will ask you questions about the finish you expect to see at your property and the style of fittings you want.  It is at this point in the process that Cameron’s wide ranging experience in the building industry is your advantage.

Chilli Freaks encourage you to meet with us armed with pictures of what you like and what you want in the finished product of your home. This will allow us to appropriately value your specifications and help reduce the risks of little surprises when being invoiced later on. By creating your specifications, you will also know what trades you need to engage to complete your project. Chilli Freaks have a range of tradesmen we have previously worked with that we can recommend. We will also help you compare apples with apples to get the best price in the quality you want.

Don’t forget, by sending your building plans to tradesmen with detailed specifications you will get a more accurate quote and will be able to make any alterations required to stay on budget – or maybe even find somewhere to splurge!